Sorry for the lack of content lately, been a busy few months(switching jobs and what not)

In the meantime I have been working on creating a boilerplate for some automation that should prove to be useful.

Introducing App Automation Boilerplate and Web Automation Boilerplate!!

These two repos are a culmination of efforts and problems I encountered when working on creating new test suites. Those of us that have been in the test automation game for a while know how much code you may have to write to get things up and running in a smooth elegant manor.

Well, I took the things that I wanted and created a boilerplate with them. Let’s take a look:

App Automation Boilerplate

The App Boilerplate comes with Calabash 2.0 pre, the cross platform(iOS & Android) testing library for Ruby.

The boilerplate is made up of:

  • Ruby
  • Cucumber
  • Allure Reporting - Beautiful reporting and metrics tool
  • Custom Routing Proof of Concept - based off of PageObject’s Routes
  • RSpec - for better test expectations
  • Custom random email generator - if you didnt want/need the Faker gem
  • Custom data expectations based off of stored data in YAML files based off of elements on the app
  • Page objects setup for Calabash use
  • Cucumber profiles and variables
  • Custom common methods for interacting with the app
  • IDeviceInstaller file - for installing iOS devices from the app
  • And more!

The Web Boilerplate comes with

  • Ruby
  • Cucumber
  • SafariDriver
  • ChromeDriver
  • Various devices you can use for testing different dimensions
  • Headless capabilities
  • Allure Reporting
  • Page Object + Data Magic + Routing(to get you to where you need to go in your app)
  • RSpec
  • Parallel-Cucumber - run multple scenarios in parallel
  • Custom data expectations
  • And more!

These projects will be actively maintained by me to support the latest changes in the testing world. There is documentation in each of the README’s but I will probably miss things. Please feel free to contribute!